Array is registered pursuant to the Canadian Government Controlled Goods Directorate.
  • Radar & Remote Sensing
  • Underwater Acoustics
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Defense R&D Support Activities

Leading the Way

Array provides technical investigations and software engineering support services to develop signal processing and display software. Our core areas of expertise include Sonar, Radar and Remote Sensing and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Array is registered with the Canadian Government Controlled Goods Directorate.

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Recent Projects

Universal Acoustic Range and Processor – Towed Array

The objective of the project is to develop a trade-off between long range detection, enhanced target classification, and total cost of ownership maintainability.

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Array works with military, governmental and scientific organizations worldwide. Please contact us to discuss how Array’s scientific and technical expertise can help you succeed with your next development project.

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Array's Products:
  • Radar

    SAR Simulation Toolbox
    Fjord Image
  • Sonar

    Acoustic Simulator and
    Office Image
  • Sonar

    Acoustic Signature
    Classification Software
    Stadium Image
  • ITS

    Corridor Advisory Traffic
    Volcano Image
  • Radar

    GEOINT SAR Toolbox
    geoint sar toolbox
  • Sonar

    Acoustic Post Analysis
    acoustic post analysis system
  • Sonar

    Universal Acoustic Range
    and Processor
    Office Image

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