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Competition Announcement

Submit your innovative idea and win a cash prize of $10,000. Come to Array and build your idea!

Array Systems Computing Inc. (Array) is accepting submissions from students currently enrolled at University of Toronto for project concepts in Innovative Technologies in Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering. The submission can be made by current students at any level of study.

The deadline for submission is January 15, 2016. Array will award a $10,000 cash prize to the best submission subject to terms and conditions available on the competition website. Array will invite the winning student to come to Array to refine and build their project, subject to our normal hiring processes. This may be done through an internship program at the university or as a full time employee at Array. The student will be given the necessary resources and receive valuable feedback from Array’s CEO. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable entrepreneurial experience.

Terms and conditions

  1. Students enrolled at any level of study (undergraduate, Masters, PhD) at selected universities can participate.
  2. Student must include contact information and current university and program of study.
  3. Students interested in working at Array will be subject to our normal hiring processes.
  4. The submission should be in either MS Word or PDF.
  5. The submission text should be within 10 page limit using 12pt font, single line spacing and .1.0 inch margins. Images and videos are allowed but do not count towards a page limit, but rather a storage size limit of 25 megabytes.
  6. Submissions should describe the innovation itself, why it is unique, the need(s) it satisfies, the benefits it provides, core technology(ies), tools and methods to beused, and the intended user segment.
  7. The selection of best submission will be made by a team assembled by Array.
  8. The submissions will be evaluated on a number of criteria, such as, uniqueness, feasibility, benefits, competitive advantage, risks and overall formulation and cohesion of the submission.
  9. The decision by Array will be final and not subject to any appeals.
  10. Array will make final decision no later than April 15, 2016.
  11. Array will not provide feedback on submissions, other than to contact entrants for clarifications and posting the name of the winner on the competition website.
  12. Interviews or answers to questions may be requested to qualify proposals.
  13. Submitter shall not include third party Intellectual Property (IP), copyrights or patents and indemnifies Array from any IP by such parties and the submitter for rights contained within. All IP rights of the winning submissions will become the property of Array upon payment.
  14. Array may not award a prize if it in its sole discretion feels such submissions in any category do not merit it.

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