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  • Core Business - Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Array's involvement in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems began with the founding of the company in 1981. Array has supported Metro Toronto Transportation and Ministry of Transportation, Ontario in a number of its initiatives in ITS starting from 1980s through today.

Array has gained valuable experience in design, build and installation of ITS components. These include implementation of intelligent traffic signal control software; implementation of a rich browser-based GUI for TOC operators leveraging the Google Maps API for GIS functionality; control and monitoring of different types of Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) connected via different types of technology (Ethernet, serial and dial-up), incident management, system alarms, management of scheduled events, database archival, and report generation.

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  • NGCS-Lite: Design and Deployment of a Light Version of the COMPASS Software for Deployment in East and West Region’s Traffic Operation Centres
  • SIDM, System Integration and Database Management
  • DMSDM, NGCS Dynamic Message Signs Device Manager
  • TPMSAM, Total Project Management for Systems Administration and Management
  • Central Multiplexer Integration (CMI) Project for Metro Toronto Transportation
  • Plan Change System for Metro Toronto Transportation
  • Communication Reconfiguration Project for Metro Toronto Transportation
  • Traffic Control System Requirements and Feasibility Study for Metro Toronto Transportation

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