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  • Radar & Remote Sensing


Contracted by the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS)

FastScan can be operated manually through a Graphical User Interface (GUI), or in automatic mode

Sonar Acoustic Research and Development Software

FastScan's innovative features provide the following benefits:

  • Ice forecasters and disaster relief workers have immediate access to quality data for tactical decision making.
  • Users can review archived data in real-time to select images for further analysis.
  • Ground station operators can identify problems quickly by viewing satellite imagery in real time.
  • Users can automate ground station reception, therefore High Density Digital Tapes (HDDTs) are no longer needed for data reception.

FastScan is a satellite ground system that processes incoming real-time data from a satellite downlink and produces real-time images. Array developed the system under contract with the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS). The CCRS uses FastScan for RADARSAT processing at the Prince Albert and Gatineau satellite receiving stations.

Array first shipped FastScan as a processor for all of the RADARSAT modes, including ScanSAR. We then extended ScanSAR to support processing for ERS, JERS-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites and optical satellites, such as Spot, Landsat, and NOAA.