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  • Core Business - Underwater Acoustics

GASS - Generic Acoustic Stimulation System

Established to upgrade the acoustic modelling capabilities of four different airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) trainers for the US Navy

Uses two- and three-dimensional graphics to provide more than 50 different displays

Sonar Acoustic Research and Development Software

The Generic Acoustic Stimulation System (GASS) gives the US Navy a generic stimulator that can interface with the P-3 Orion and SH-60 Seahawk airborne Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) training systems. Array developed the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Prime Contractor Northrop Grumman, Norden Systems. Array Systems' responsibilities included developing the Human Computer Interface software for the Instructor Operator Station and Off-Line Complex (IOS/OLC).

The GASS IOS/OLC gives ASW instructors a powerful set of tools for building and controlling complex ASW mission scenarios:

  • Recreates the acoustic environment
  • Generates synthetic targets and sensors
  • Supplies signals to mission trainers

GASS uses the Environmental Acoustics (EVA) model to simulate realistic ocean characteristics in support of real time stimulation of Navy tactical training equipment. EVA is based on Navy standard acoustic models and environmental databases. EVA provides a range dependent ocean model featuring a seamless representation of the ocean across a wide range of environmental conditions and frequency coverage.

EVA is composed of three distinct models:

  • Environmental Acoustic Propagation model (EVAP)
  • Environmental Acoustic Noise model (EVAN)
  • Environmental Acoustic Reverberation model (EVAR)