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  • Radar & Remote Sensing

RPP - Radarsat Precision Processorr

Contract awarded by the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) for the provision of a flexible Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) processing capability to users in a low-cost, open-architectured workstation environment

Generated precision, survey, and ScanSAR images

The RPP used a flexible Graphical User Interface (GUI) to give the operator full control of the SAR processing

Sonar Acoustic Research and Development Software

The RPP provides a high precision, flexible system capable of processing all available RADARSAT and ERS‑1 imaging modes into standard and user-defined products.  The SAR processing capability is provided in a low-cost, open-architecture workstation environment, such that new applications of SAR can be explored and developed.  The RPP is designed to allow researchers to experiment with SAR processing algorithms, to see their effect on image quality.

The following paragraphs outline technical solutions particular to this project:

  • The system was developed using the IDL software tool set from Research Systems Inc.  The IDL was chosen to facilitate system extensibility and allow users to create new processing or visualization functions from scratch.
  • The software is platform-independent and can run on a variety of platforms.
  • The system is equipped with a set of image analysis tools for performing extensive image analysis functions. 

Several SAR algorithms, including Time Domain Convolution (TDC) and Modified Range Doppler (MRD), were provided.

Array’s responsibilities included planning, designing, developing, procuring, and testing all hardware and software to meet the functionality and performance requirements of the RPP.

RPP is still in active service with CCRS.