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  • Core Business - Underwater Acoustics

RTSP - Real Time Sonar Processor

Array received the RTSP contract from FMV as part of the upgrades to the SAPPS to further enhance the its performance and capabilities

Sonar Acoustic Research and Development Software

Array developed the Sonar Acoustic Post Processing System (SAPPS) for the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) on behalf of the Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN) for use at the Naval Underwater Sensors Analysis Centre (MUSAC). The official handover ceremony took place in March 2007.

The Real Time Sonar Processor (RTSP) reuses the SAPPS software developed using Array's ScalableGSP architecture. The system is configured to handle real-time processing of live data from electromagnetic and acoustic sensors for harbour surveillance purposes. It also processes acoustic data from a remote site over the network.

Besides the electromagnetic and acoustic data processing and visualization capabilities it also includes an integrated Tactical Display to allow operators to quickly identify and track the desired vessels in the monitored area.