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  • Core Business - Intelligent Transportation Systems

SIDM - Systems Integration and Database Management

The Systems Integration and Database Management (SIDM) for the Next Generation COMPASS Software (NGCS) Project is one of the key contracts Array was awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in support of the NGCS program.

The main software deliverable of the SIDM project is a module known as the DataBase Manager (DBM). The DBM serves as a number of functions within NGCS:

Incident Management - The DBM implements the management logic for incidents on the highway whether detected by means of an Automatic Incident Detection (AID) algorithm or manually by means of operator declaration. The DBM Incident Manager module arbitrates between the Traffic Manager application which processes data from the Vehicle Detection Stations (VDS) and the system operators via the Browser-Based User Interface application.

Alarm Management - The DBM is responsible for sending alarm messages to the Browser-Based User Interface when field device faults or other abnormal conditions are detected. The DBM implements the logic for lifecycle management of the alarms.

Scheduled Event Handling - The DBM implements various types of scheduled functionality including regularly scheduled DMS messages, scheduled alarms / reminders, scheduled reports and scheduled emails.

Reporting - Database reporting functionality is included in the DBM, allowing the generation of routine reports required for the efficient management of the freeway system.

Data Archival Management - The DBM includes an Archive Manager module which is able to archive historical data from the Oracle 10g database to XML files on the Ministry Storage Area Network (SAN) and restore data on demand if required for reporting purposes.

Watchdog - A watchdog process continually monitors the DBM and restarts the application if an error or timeout is detected.


Technologies employed:

  • Implemented in Java Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle 10g
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • Java Naming and Directory Service (JNDI)
  • Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Servlets / Java Server Page (JSP)