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  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Corridor Advisory Traffic System

    Enhancing traffic flow management and incident response on the 400-series
    highways throughout the Province of Ontario

    Contract awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in
    support of the Next Generation COMPASS Software (NGCS) program

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  • Motion Compensation

    Real-time Monitoring of Traffic Congestion

    Provides real-time monitoring and management of current traffic events. Sensor information is collected, processed, and displayed through a web browser interface. Event & traffic layers show Google Traffic, Active Events and Roadwork Notifications.

    Motion Compensation

    Uses Google Maps for GIS data

    Use of Google Maps means that maintenance of the map is Google's responsibility rather than the Ministry's. Removes the need of the user to provide thier own Ontario Road Network (ORN) database for spatial information*.

    *The CAT System can also use the Road Network database if it is provided.
    Motion Compensation

    Automated DMS/PVMS Response

    Ability to automatically propose messaging in response to events. Message composition is based on library of template messages. All proposed signing is subject to operator review prior to dispatch. Operator can manually adjust message if necessary.

    Motion Compensation

    Interface for CCTV management

    Provides functions for viewing of CCTV camera footage in a pop-up window and for controlling CCTV cameras- Camera selection, pan, tilt, zoom, iris and focus.

    Motion Compensation

    Logging and Report Generation

    The CAT contains a communications log which logs all telephone, radio, email, and in-person communications into or out of the traffic operations center. Report generation is also possible.

    Motion Compensation

    Event Management

    An event declaration is performed using the operators database of crossing information. Fields are selected sequentially and are filtered in real-time allowing rapid data entry.

  • Motion Compensation

    Web based interface allows access to real-time data to remote responders

    Only the browser needs to be installed on remote systems. This allows trusted organizations with wireless access to see the same real-time information as the traffic control center operators.

    Motion Compensation

    Uses real-time incident detection for directing first responders

    The goal of the incident detection and confirmation strategy is to dispatch an appropriate response in a timely manner. As a result, the incident can be promptly dealt with and removed from the freeway.

    Motion Compensation

    Google Maps & Streetview

    This can be of vital help to first responders by providing scene analysis and ground references to help in identifying, locating, and operating in unfamiliar areas.

    Motion Compensation

    Provides drivers with real-time information updates with Variable Message Signs

    Help mitigate effects of natural disasters or threats (Area Events such as Amber Alert, Red Alert and adverse weather) by regulating traffic flow.

  • The Corridor Advisory Traffic (CAT) System is an Event Traffic Management System to respond to incidents causing traffic congestion problems on freeways and urban arterial roadways. The CAT provides accurate incident, advisory and delay information to operators and can effectively manage traffic flow through innovative traffic control devices.

    The CAT system is the same system recently developed for use by the Ministry of Transport Ontario for the management of their freeways and arterial roadways in the Province of Ontario.

  • Since 2005, Array has been actively involved in the development of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Next Generation COMPASS System (NGCS). The COMPASS system is the freeway traffic management system for all the 400-series freeways in the Province of Ontario, including Highway 401, which includes the busiest stretch of highway in North America. The experience Array Systems gained in supporting NGCS has led to the development of our CAT Software.