Array is registered pursuant to the Canadian Government Controlled Goods Directorate.

SSFM - Software for Simulation of Flight Missions

Array was contracted by Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) to develop software to run a series of experiments in a "virtual reality" type simulation. The aim of these experiments is to determine how well observers can discern the orientations of aircraft in space, as those aircraft turn in circles in space. The orientations to be judged are the three angular orientations of the aircraft, known as the pitch, yaw, and roll of the aircraft.

The software was developed for aspect angle research under the Visual Systems Stream of Advanced Distributed Mission Training Technology Demonstrator (ADMT TD).

The simulation was presented in high-resolution graphic displays. The graphics display involved the use of three detailed models at once. One was the internal model of the CF-18 aircraft which showed the internal features of the cockpit in full detail. Another was the external model of the F-18 aircraft, which showed the external features of the F-18 aircraft without missiles. A third model was a small version of the F-18 aircraft.

One of the moving objects was an F-18 aircraft model that was observed by an observer from the cabin (cockpit) of another moving aircraft (CF-18 aircraft model). The aircraft models and the cabin model were supplied by DRDC Toronto. The simulation runs on two linked Intel Xenon dual-processors with a Wildcat4 graphics card under the XP Pro operating system.