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TPMSAM - Total Project Management for the Systems Administration and Management

The Total Project Management for Systems Administration and Management (TPMSAM) for the Next Generation COMPASS Software (NGCS) Project is one of the key contracts Array was awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in support of the NGCS program.

Under the TPMSAM contract, Array was responsible for integrating the individual NGCS modules into a coherent system. This work also included the conduct of formal system testing and "parallel operation" with the legacy COMPASS system prior to the NGCS entering production.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation NGCS system is comprised of five stand-alone applications which communicate with one another by means of XML-formatted Java Message Service (JMS) messages, or by means of shared tables in the Oracle 10g database. The applications are as follows:

  • Traffic Manager (TM) - Performs Automated Incident Detection (AID).
  • DataBase Manager (DBM / SIDM) - Incident management, alarm handling, schedule management, reporting and archival functions.
  • Dynamic Message Sign Message Writer (DMSMW) - Responsible for DMS message text composition.
  • Dynamic Message Sign Device Manager (DMSDM)- DMS device manager.
  • Browser-Based User Interface (BBUI) - User interface for operators at the Traffic Operations Centres (TOCs).

While the DataBase Manager and the Dynamic Message Sign Device Manager were developed by Array, the Traffic Manager, the Dynamic Message Sign Message Writer and the Browser-Based User Interface were developed by other contractors. Array coordinated the integration of all five modules, and conducted testing of the integrated NGCS prior to production roll-out.

All NGCS modules are based on the same baseline technologies:
  • Implemented in Java Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle 10g
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • Java naming and directory service (JNDI)
  • Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC)
  • Servlets / Java Server Page (JSP)