Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft (RMPA)

Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft (RMPA)

Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Radar & Remote Sensing


  • This Image Processing Software has Stripmap Mode, Spotlight SAR Mode and ISAR mode
  • Array was a prime contractor to Thales for this program, with responsibility for delivering the completed Image Processing Software



Array developed the Image Processing Software (IPS) for the Searchwater 2000MR radar and released it to Thales Defence Ltd. Thales Defence is the contractor and Design Authority for the Searchwater 2000MR Radar Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) System for the United Kingdom (UK) Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft (RMPA) Programme. This programme involves the supply of Radar and IFF Systems and associated equipment, services and data to a Mission System Contractor (MSC), Prime Contractor and, ultimately, the UK Ministry of Defence.



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Array Systems provides technical investigations and software engineering support services to develop signal processing and display software. Our core areas of expertise include Sonar, Radar and Remote Sensing and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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